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DUO-LOCK™ • HARVI™ II • Radiused • 5 Flutes • InchHARVI II • UDDV • Unequal Flute Spacing
Unequal flute spacing and variable helix configuration minimize chatter and harmonics for smoother machining.;Non-center cutting.;Ramping up to 3°.;Five-flute geometry able to slot up to 1 x D.;Single tool for both roughing and finishing’ reducing setups.;Standard items listed. Additional styles and coatings made-to-order.
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High-Temp Alloys

Hardened Materials

SAP Material Number 6072252
ISO Catalog Number UDDV0625Y5CQC
Grade KC643M
Adapter Style Machine Side DUO-LOCK
[D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter 15.875 mm
[L1] Gage Length 35.7 mm
[CSMS] System Size Machine Side DL16
[WF] Width of Flat 13 mm
[Re] Corner Radius 1.524 mm
[Z] Number of Flutes 5
[D1] Effective Cutting Diameter 15.875 mm
[AP1MAX] 1st Maximum Cutting Depth 23.812 mm

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