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KOR5RA2500R075SLR050IM K600

KOR5™ DA • 5 канавок • 3 X D • Внутренний подвод СОЖ • Хвостовик SAFE-λOCK® • В метрических единицахKOR5 DA • 5 ЗУБЬЕВ • 3 X D • Внутренний подвод СОЖ • ХВОСТОВИК SAFE-lOCK®
Designed for trochoidal milling with low radial engagement and full length of cut.;With chip splitters for ideal chip evacuation.;Proprietary flute form reduces vibrations and improves tool life.;Helix angle tailored to minimize vibration and optimize tool life.;Front end geometry designed for maximum tool life in helical and ramping operations.;Safe-Lock for pull out protection.
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SAP Material Number 6755009
ISO Catalog Number KOR5RA2500R075SLR050IM
Grade K600
Adapter Style Machine Side SAFE-LOCK
[D1] Effective Cutting Diameter 25 mm
[D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter 25 mm
[AP1MAX] 1st Maximum Cutting Depth 75 mm
[L] Overall Length 144 mm
[Re] Corner Radius 0.5 mm
[Z] Number of Flutes 5

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