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HA3A6RA1000S200SLR030 KCSM15A

HARVI™ III Aero • Radiused • 6 Flutes • Safe-Lock™ Shank • InchHARVI™ III Aero Solid Carbide End Mill for High Feed Roughing and Finishing with Maximum Metal Removal Rates
Versatile solid carbide end mill for stainless steel’ and high-temperature alloys.;HARVI™ III Aero solid carbide end mills cover a variety of operations.;HARVI™ III Aero solid carbide end mills feature unequal flute spacing for chatter-free machining at highest feed rates.;Eccentric relief grind for higher edge stability and higher feed rates.;Centre cutting for plunging and ramping operations.
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Stainless Steel

High-Temp Alloys

Hardened Materials

SAP Material Number 7077012
ISO Catalog Number HA3A6RA1000S200SLR030
Grade KCSM15A
Adapter Style Machine Side SAFE-LOCK
[Re] Corner Radius 0.762 mm
[Z] Number of Flutes 6
[D1] Effective Cutting Diameter 25.4 mm
[D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter 25.4 mm
[AP1MAX] 1st Maximum Cutting Depth 50.8 mm
[L] Overall Length 127 mm

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