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H1TE4RA0188R038HAR030 KCSM15

HARVI™ I TE • Radiused • 4 Flutes • Plain Shank • InchHARVI™ I TE Four Flute End Mill for Roughing and Finishing Covering the Broadest Range of Applications and Materials
Versatile solid carbide end mill for steels’ stainless steel’ cast iron’ and high temperature alloys.;HARVI™ I TE solid carbide end mills cover a variety of operations’ including dynamic milling’ and extreme ramping operations.;HARVI™ I TE solid carbide end mills stand for maximum metal removal’ maximum productivity’ maximum benefit.;HARVI™ I TE solid carbide end mills feature asymmetrical divided flutes’ variable helix’ twisted end face’ faceted eccentric relief’ and chip gashes within the flutes.;Centre cutting for plunging and ramping operations.
Обрабатываемый материал:


Stainless Steel

Cast Iron

High-Temp Alloys

Hardened Materials

SAP Material Number 6676354
ISO Catalog Number H1TE4RA0188R038HAR030
Grade KCSM15
Adapter Style Machine Side Straight-Cylindrical
[Re] Corner Radius 0.762 mm
[Z] Number of Flutes 4
[D1] Effective Cutting Diameter 4.7625 mm
[D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter 4.7625 mm
[AP1MAX] 1st Maximum Cutting Depth 9.525 mm
[L] Overall Length 50.8 mm

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